Friday, January 14, 2011

Gannett Peak, Wyoming

Wandering and Wondering around Wind River Range
Gannett Peak, Elevation 13,804 ft (4,209 m) Wind River Range, Wyoming
Date Climbed: Aug 9, 2010

 “In wilderness is the preservation of the world.”
Henry David Thoreau

Civilization exists by geological consent,
subject to change without notice.
Will Durant
Photo of me by N. Logic

August 2010.

These are the facts:
Gannett Peak is the highest peak in the Wind River Range, and the highest peak in Wyoming. It rises on the Continental Divide, just southeast of Yellowstone National Park and the Teton range. It is a snow peak in a range of rock peaks. It is flanked by five glaciers and its summit is snow-capped. Despite its uniquely snowy character, however, it is barely visible from the lowlands, hidden by other high peaks that surround it.
Year first climbed: 1922.
Alpine glow on Gannett Peak from Boney Pass.
First successful climber(s): A. Tate, F. Stahlnaker
This mountain had it all: A long approach, glacial travel, technical rock climbing, and perhaps the most beautiful scenery in the lower 48. A favorite!
Gannett may be the best mountain you’ve never heard of. It’s remote – requires a 40 mile round-trip – and rugged – requires glacier travel and some rock scrambling.
Duration: 4 days, .....wish I could stay another week .

Sunrise over Elkhart Park

Reflections in lake near Photographers Point
Wind River Range stretches for about one hundred miles in west central Wyoming. It takes its name after the Wind River, a Yellowstone River tributary. Some of the largest glaciers in the contiguous USA cling to the lofty peaks of the range. Among the peaks, Gannet Peak is the highest mountain in Wyoming. Much of the range is within the Bridger-Teton national forest, and most of it enjoys the added protection of a wilderness area status. Bridger, Fitzpatrick, Aggie Popo Wilderness areas together with a part of the Wind River Indian reservation combine in a large roadless area, a place, where one can get away from it all.
Photographer's Point
The hike from Elkhart Park to Photographer's Point makes a great scenic day hike or the beginning of a longer trip into the 100-mile long Wind River Range. Peaks tower to over 13,000 feet. The Bridger Wilderness area has over 1,300 lakes and many miles of hiking trails.
Island Lake
Island Lake is found in the mid-northern Wind River Mountain Range in the Bridger Wilderness of Sublette County, Wyoming. Island Lake lies below Wyoming’s third highest mountain, Fremont Peak. The lake and surrounding area, offers an excellent place for backpackers to camp, hike fish and enjoy the stunning view of Fremont Peak, Jackson Peak, and the Continental Divide.

Susets around Island Lake

Our tent at Titcomb Lakes

Titcomb Basin was named for Harold Titcomb, who visited the area in 1901.
Titcomb Basin is a beautiful, lake basin beneath some of the ranges highest and most spectacular peaks.
Titcomb Basin

The entire basin is above the tree-line, and where rocky terrain allows, it is carpeted by wildflowers. On the basin floor, there are several lakes, and a number of thirteeners rises around the basin. Several glaciers descend from them, but mostly to the other side of the Continental Divide.

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