Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mount Sherman

Mt. Sherman
Elevation: 14036 ft / 4278 m
Gemini Peak (Unranked)
Elevation: 13951 ft / 4252 m
White Ridge (Unranked)
Elevation: 13684 ft/4170 m

Mount Sherman, in the middle of the north- to south-trending Mosquito Range, is a rounded 14,036-foot-high (4,278 meters) peak that rises above the western edge of broad South Park in central Colorado. The mountain, usually considered the easiest of Colorado’s 55 Fourteeners, is an excellent climb for beginning mountaineers, children, and visitors unused to Colorado’s high altitude and, in summer, requires only basic outdoor gear. The peak is named for the great Union General William Tecumseh Sherman who, during the Civil War, practiced a scorched earth policy while marching to Atlanta in 1864.
Sherman, Colorado’s 46th highest peak, is a fast hike for a reasonably fit person since it is possible to park as high as 12,000 feet, leaving only a couple thousand feet of elevation gain to the summit and a round-trip hike of just over five miles. Like all the Fourteeners though, Mount Sherman needs to be treated with some respect. Thunderstorms brew over the Sawatch Range to the west and move in quickly. It always seems windy on Sherman’s upper ridge and summit. It’s best to get an early start, carry rain gear, and keep an eye on the weather for thunderstorms and lightning. Keep in mind that the mountain is on a mining claim owned by the Day Mine Company in Leadville.

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