Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mt. Toll

Mt. Toll, Indian Peaks, Colorado
Mt. Toll (12979 ft / 3956 m)

You can't go wrong with  Indian Peaks. Another great trip with my friend Kimo.
Walking up to the Blue Lake i got my first view of Mount Toll. It looked kind of close but really pretty with its perfect pyramid shape at the head of the valley.

Sunrise over Blue Lake

Kimo heading toward Mt. Toll.
Morning light on Mt. Toll on left and Mt. Audubon on right.

Blue Lake and Mt. Toll

Pawnee Peak.

Kimo above Blue Lake.

Kimo working on ledges.

Beautiful pyramid shape Mt. Toll.

Kimo crossing last snow field.

Almost at top of the ridge.

Mt. Audubon at distance.

First glimpse of Navajo and Apache Peaks.

View from the top.

On the way down.....


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