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Mt. Massive (4392m) , Septembar 04, 2007

September 04 2007
Mt. Massive
Visina : 14428ft (4392m)

The official elevations of many of the Colorado 14ers have gone up between five and seven feet, according to a 2001 adjustment by the USGS. As a result the summit elevation of Mt. Massive is up from 14,421' to 14,428'. This did not change any of the following information.

Mount Massive is the second highest mountain in Colorado, 3rd highest in the US outside of Alaska. It is truly a massive mountain, rising to a broad three mile summit crest, which holds five points over 14,000 feet.

Massive has more area above 14,000 feet than any other mountain in the 48 contiguous states, narrowly edging Mt. Rainier in that category. The mountain, along with Mt. Elbert Colorado's Highest(14,440'), forms much of the western skyline of Leadville, which is 11 miles east and slightly north.

It is not as well known or as photographed as other mountains in Colorado, nor does it have the jagged ridgelines of some mountains, still its impressive stature deserves the respect and appreciation of any who have the fortune to climb it, photo it, or just admire it from the top of surrounding peaks or from the small town of Leadville.

Despite the appropriateness of Mount Massive's name, several historical efforts were launched to rename the mountain to the likes of Mount McKinley, Gannett Peak, and Churchill Peak. Its original name, however, still stands.

The popular notion is that Mt. Massive is not a deadly or even particularly dangerous climb. True, however, it is a huge mountain that is often taken for granted.

Generally, on Mt.Massive it snows in all months of the year, is quite windy, and during summer months the threat of severe lightning and thunder storms is an everyday danger.

Any climbers should take these possible conditions into account before starting out. Remember, just because the books all say this is an easy mountain to climb doesn't mean it will be the day you attempt it.



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