Sunday, April 9, 2017

Torres Del Paine

Torres Del Paine
Nacionalni Park, Chile
Januar 2017 godine.

Torres Del Paine, National Park
Exulted as one of the most scenic hiking venues on the planet, Torres del Paine National Park draws admirers from far and wide. You'll marvel at jaw-dropping vistas at nearly every point along the trails—aquamarine lakes, lush forests, glistening Glacier Grey, and, of course, the soaring granite Cuernos del Paine (Paine Horns). While hiking, you'll also notice clusters of adorable guanaco (animals that closely resembling llamas), candor, and sheep.
The park's two most picturesque trails are the "W" route and the "Circuit." The "W" is a four-day trek that, as its name suggests, zig-zags in a "W" formation around dramatic peaks. If you opt to take the "W" trail, you'll want to start at Laguna Amarga and then journey west. On the trail, you'll reach picture-perfect vantage points of Los Cuernos (Paine Horns). Most travelers say that the actual hiking is less challenging than combating Chile's heavy gusts of winds. One TripAdvisor user suggests, "Allow 4 nights [and] 5 days for the "W". […] It is not easy trekking due to wind and rocky surfaces and is so beautiful that it shouldn't be rushed." The "Circuit" on the other hand, encompasses the whole park, but requires seven to 10 days and plenty of hiking experience.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Grizzly Peak

Grizzly Peak
Visina: 4034 m
Cupid Peak
Visina: 3998 m
Front Range, Colorado
Datum: Mart 19 2017 god.

Izlazak sunca iznad Torreys Peak.
Kraj zime obiljezili smo jednim laganim usponom na Grizzly Peak a uz to smo morali preci preko jos jednog rangiranom vrha, Cupid Peak. Ovo je bio moj treci izlaz na ove planine, ali ovom prilikom sakupio sam ekipu koja je u proteklih nekoliko godina bila moj cesti saucesnink u pohodu prema mom licnom cilju 500 vrhova preko cetiri hiljade metara u Roki planinama. U rijetkim prilikama smo bili svi zajedno na nekoj od tura, ali vecinu mojih uspona neki od ovoh ljudi bili su moji partneri. 

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