Thursday, February 17, 2011

Faces of Ecuador

Amazonian frontier towns, Pacific coast fishing villages, rambling old haciendas, packed markets, and colonial cities provide the stage on which Ecuador's cultures intermingle; each striving to maintain its own identity and history while also charting a meaningful path into the future. Due to Ecuador´s compact and diverse nature, one can experience any number of Ecuador's distinct cultures within one day. Journeying just a few hours by car or bus, you can arrive in an entirely new community with its own customs and flavor.
Ecuador has many diverse indigenous groups, many of whom retain their pre-Colombian languages. By far the largest of these groups is the Andean Quichua, who number more than 2 million. Smaller Andean groups include: the Caranqui, the Otavaleños, the Cayambi, the Pichincha, the Panzaleo, the Chimbuelo, the Salasacan, the Tungurahua, the Tugua, the Waranka, the Puruhá, the Cañari, and the Saraguro in the highlands.

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