Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crystal Peak

Tenmile Range, Colorado
Crystal Peak , Elevation : 13852 ft / 4222 m
Father Dyer Peak, Elevation 13615 ft / 4150 m

Crystal Peak is a high Colorado Thirteener and one of the 100 highest peaks of Colorado, also known as "Centennial." Crystal falls in the 100 highest at #82. It is in the Tenmile Range, which extends from Peak  near Breckenridge south to the Continental Divide, where the same range becomes known as the "Mosquito" Range.

Crystal Peak can be climbed in all seasons. It sees little traffic compared to it's neighboring 14ers, but is definitely worth a trip. The most popular route goes through the beautiful Crystal Creek drainage and past Lower and Upper Crystal Lakes. This basin is worth the trip alone. Crystal also has several other routes from all directions, offering a wide variety of terrain. The standard route is a Class 2 hike

Father Dyer Peak is a high thirteener in the Crystal Creek drainage area of the Tenmile Range. This drainage also includes the thirteeners Crystal Peak , Peak 10, and Mount Helen. Unfortunately, this peak is mostly ignored in the Crystal Creek drainage compared to its Centennial neighbor, Crystal Peak. Father Dyer is definitely worth a trip of its own, however.

Father Dyer has at least four excellent routes, and none of them are as easy as the routes on the thirteeners around it. In fact, the easiest route to Dyer is from Crystal. Climbers will find all sorts of terrain around Father Dyer Peak. Routes offer scrambling, snow climbing, skiing, and enjoyable ridge runs. Father Dyer's summit block requires some easy scrambling, and leads you to a tiny summit. It's a great place to view the surrounding peaks of the mighty Tenmile.

Beautiful morning in Tenmile range.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Atlantic Peak

Winter Welcomer
October, 10 2010
Atlantic Peak
Tenmile Range, Colorado
Elevation: 13841 ft / 4219 m
Atlantic Peak, when it is mentioned at all, is usually mentioned in the same breath as its loftier, pointier neighbor to the north, Pacific Peak. They are often climbed together and both are on the list of Colorado's "Highest 100" peaks. With its place on this list at #87, Atlantic is a very worthy destination in its own right.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Apache Peak - A Fall Farewell

A Fall Farewell
Sep 29, 2010
Apache Peak
Indian Peaks Wilderness, Colorado
Elevation: 13441 ft / 4097 m

Apache Peak is the king of the entire Brainard Lake area. This massive 13,441-ft. mountain is exceeded by only North Arapaho for total elevation in the Indian Peak Wilderness. It is a complex mountain with steep slopes surrounding it. Apache Peak is home to the San Isabelle Glacier, a permanent snowfield that offers the Queens Way route. In addition, the 1,400-ft. north-facing Fair Glacier is considered the premere snow-climb in the entire wilderness area. We took East Ledges Route, which is a class 2+ route with a minor class 3 move or two. This route is steep and loose and some might consider it to be a major slog. I thought it to be very tiring and uneventful. What makes the route worthwhile is fun scrambling on the grass-covered ledges, and fantastic views of the Lone Eagle Cirque from the summit. This is not the route to take if there is any snow on Apache's east ledge system; a slip from an icy ledge could be your last. There is also plenty of water flowing over these ledges from the melting snowfield above, so only attempt this route in mid to late summer when the temperature stays above freezing overnight.

Longs Peak

Climb for Adis
In Memory of Adis Kurtovic 1980 - 2006.
September 19, 2010
Longs Peak
Elevation: 14259 ft / 4346 m
Rocky Mountain National Park.

Adis on top of Longs Peak, Summer of 2000

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